Eve Lubin Bradford

Interpreter of Silence


Eve Lubin Bradford does not easily fit into conventional categories of occupation.

She writes, holding an MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts and has recently published her first book: Instructions to a Young Magician (from herself).

She produces events and experiences, makes performances, feasts, ritual theater and experimental film, including the recently completed Eyes of the Moon, which will be having a special screening at the 2015 Marfa Film Festival. She is often called upon to offer counsel and guidance to individuals, couples and groups, and to create and facilitate ceremonies of all kinds, from weddings to rites of passage to memorials. In addition, Eve possesses a deep appreciation of traditional craft and makes books, jewelry, ritual objects and other small treasures.

At the heart of the matter is Eve’s innately ecstatic nature, a great love for the web of life, and a hopeful diligence applied to creating a myriad of experiences coaxing others to fall equally in love with the world, and to move forward in their lives from the place of increased understanding of how to be in right relationship with themselves, their community and all that is Holy in the Wild.