Events and Projects 


Eve has been working as a collaborator in the fields of culture creation for almost 2 decades. While a student within the Gallatin Division of NYU, she co-founded Reclaim the Streets NYC in 1998, creating large un-permitted, multi-faceted street celebrations to undermine Giuliani’s privatization of public space. She has participated as a teacher, producer and performer in countless west coast and international festivals, including her own ground-breaking event series Synergenesis, which brought artists, activists and mystics together in a day long cauldron of interactivaton from 2004-2006. 

Eve has been in deep collaboration with Isis Indriya for over a decade, creating ritual theater and workshops across the globe, from the NY Open Center to the Bali Spirit Festival. Together, they co-founded the venue Haven Underground in 2011, which continues today as a portal for art and culture in their present home community of Nevada City, CA. They also co-created The Village, a ceremonial and educational environment grounded in earth-based wisdom traditions that was introduced at Symbiosis Gathering 2012 at Pyramid Lake. For this gathering, Eve also served as a cultural liaison with the local Paiute Tribe, helping to navigate the challenges of creating a festival on sacred land, and attempting to make sure the voices of the local people were honored by the production team. The Village experience has continued to grow, and since being introduced to the Lightning in a Bottle Festival in 2013, has become a staple there as well. 

One of her current projects is the Sea to Seed tour, traveling for a month each summer by sailboat thru the Gulf Islands of BC, creating farm to table feasts and performances at local farms and creating a documentary about the incredible culture that exists within these farming communities. She is also currently working on an on-going event series called Feasting the Enemy, wherein participants are invited to bring a dish of the food of an ancestral enemy and a story to share. 

Across genres, modalities and dimensions, some of Eve’s many past collaborations include the Funginears, Crystal and Spore, Bluetech, and the Poetry Brothel.

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