I am available for consultation on creative project development, at whatever phase in the process you find yourself. Having seen so many different types of projects through so many different phases of development, I feel it is important to share that experience as much as possible. This includes event production on all scales, theater and performance, creating and facilitating workshops, group counseling, conflict resolution as well as setting and attaining personal goals and accountability.

I am also available to help facilitate more ceremonial gatherings, be they around birth, death, transitions or celebrations. I am often called upon to create opening and closing ceremonies for events of all kinds, and love doing this work. I am happy to create within your own traditions and beliefs, while offering my own unique perspective drawn from over 2 decades of cultivation, study and practice.

I have been the Ceremonial director for the Symbiosis Gatherings since 2009, creating and holding the intentional container for this beloved festival of over 10,000 people, including collaborations with Starhawk, the Paiute Tribe of Pyramid Lake, NV and the Me-wuk Tribe of Tuolomne Rancheria.

I have also been an instructor for the Interchange Counseling Institute, in San Francisco, a year long training that builds a phenomenal set of interpersonal skills and strategies.