Custom Ritual


Few things enrich life more than finding a way to integrate ritual and ceremony in a way that feels relevant, potent, and useful. However, sometimes finding the way to begin this integration can feel intimidating and inaccessible. Eve has facilitated custom ritual for marriages, memorials, death rites, birthdays, puberty passages, opening and closing ceremonies and many more.

Eve is honored and available to support and guide the creation of ritual for any circumstance that calls out for such acknowledgment. She is happy to work within your own traditions and beliefs, while offering her own unique perspective drawn from over 2 decades of cultivation, study and practice.

Her approach is primarily grounded in over 8 years of study with the maestro shaman, writer and teacher Martín Prechtel, who has given her a solid foundation in creating ritual that is based in offerings of profound beauty, feeding and praising life and all that makes life live. 

She has been the Ceremonial director for the Symbiosis Gatherings since 2009, creating and holding the intentional container for this beloved festival of over 10,000 people, including collaborations with Starhawk, the Paiute Tribe of Pyramid Lake, NV and the Me-wuk tribe of Tuolomne Rancheria.