Eyes of The Moon

"That's just how it went with this project, the membrane between art and life dissolved into one illuminated landscape of embodied dreaming" 

                -Eve Bradford on The making of Eyes of the Moon for READ Magazine


 From the start we defined ourselves with a lack of definition. This movie was not to be made like other movies. This was a ritual experiment, an exploration of the place where we meet when we set ourselves free. And mostly, at the end of the day, where we met was in the bathroom, a few of us in the bathtub, a few brushing our teeth, and someone on the toilet, reviewing the day's work, singing each other lullabies. Things got intimate, fast.

What emerged was an exploration of story outside of narrative, of how meaning lives in moments and creates a lyrical logic of its own, born from the interconnectivity of the group mind that grew from our gathered selves. We found ourselves tracing ancient lineages of feminine wisdom, lost and broken, hidden and alive, running like veins through the body of our emerging story. The images and situations that arose through us became a map to the work that wanted to be made, like drunken detectives in our shared imagination, we pieced together each scene as a clue to some potential shared ecstatic liberation. The film itself became a call to aliveness in all its grit and glory. (Click here to read the full article )


Special Screening and After Party at Marfa Film Festival, Oct. 14-18, 2015