Feasting The Enemy


Calling all lovers of life and feeders of ancient hungers!

Your presence is most sincerely requested at the next installment of the gathering known as...



We have been called together by the forgotten songs coursing through our bloodlines and by the Lords and Ladies of Generosity whom we call food to come together in honor of making peace in a world at war with itself. 

Your role is simple: please bring a dish of the food of an Ancestral Enemy and a story to share across the table. This enemy can be from any time or place in your lineage, wherever the breath catches in your throat and your stomach begins to churn, that is the pathway to follow.

To heighten the potency of the offering we are making, you are requested to come bedecked and adorned in the manner of your own people, whatever that means to you.

 Space is limited. If interested in attending or co-hosting a future event, click here to contact Eve.