The Poetry Brothel


The Poetry Brothel is a unique and immersive poetry event that takes poetry outside classrooms and lecture halls and places it in the lush interiors of a bordello. Based in concept on the fin-de-siecle bordellos in New Orleans and Paris, many of which functioned as safe havens for fledgling, avant-garde artists, The Poetry Brothel's "Madame" presents a rotating cast of poets as "whores," each operating within a carefully constructed character, who impart their work in public readings, spontaneous eruptions of poetry, and most distinctly, as purveyors of private, one-on-one poetry readings in back rooms. For a small fee, all of the "poetry whores" are available for these sequestered readings at any time during the event. Of course, any true brothel needs a good cover; The Poetry Brothel's is an immersive cabaret, offering a full bar, live jazz, burlesque dancers, painters, and fortune-tellers, with newly integrated themes, performances and installations at each event.

Poets performing at the Brothel are male and female, emerging and established, local and international, and they engage audiences in an immersive experience that flows seamlessly through the Brothel's public spaces into its private poetry readings. Central to this experience is the creation of character, which for poet and audience function as disguise and as freeing device, enabling The Poetry Brothel to be a place of uninhibited creative expression in which the poets and audience can be themselves in private. Through the vehicle of the private reading, The Poetry Brothel offers access to a part of the artistic process that was previously restricted to individuals in already intimate relationships.


At The Poetry Brothel, each whore presents a bio for their character.  

Read Eve's below:


La Zorra

Like the vixen who gave La Zorra her name, this child of flash flood and obsidian leaves tracks in every direction other than the one that leads to her den. She was raised in the liminal between the cultivated and the wild. Her first poems were spoken aloud to her first friends…sagebrush, cactus, roadrunner and mustang. Each year, for her birthday, La Zorra is struck by lightning.

Found wandering in the borderlands singing in harmony with herself in forgotten tongues, La Zorra is a blacksmith, a spinner and a weaver, a psychic friend and a virtuoso of most stringed instruments that can be played while on horseback. After feasting from her copper cauldron, many have tried to follow the trail of wafting aromas escaping from saddlebags laden with ras el hanout, pemmican and barenjager, only to realize that once you have been feasted by La Zorra, food will never be the same.

Line up the great loves of her life, and among the myriad shapes, genders, colors and proclivities, you will find the only through line to be eccentric genius and ecstatic devotion to something worthwhile. 

While not yet quite convinced that any one world will ever capture her attention for more than a moon, La Zorra is thrilled to include the Brothel in her nomadic spiraling and promises to stick around long enough to drape her language on your mysteries just to see what forms arise. 

La Zorra does not make seductions, but offerings. The rest is up to you.




The Oracle at Delphi, Maria Sabina, Cundrie La Surziere, Patti Smith


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