Instructions to a Young Magician ( From Herself)

by Eve Lubin Bradford



" There is a contagious aliveness here, that may find you inexplicably on your knees, praising the grasses, weeping for the forgotten stories, and hopefully, beginning to sing your own offering song in turn."




Eve Lubin Bradford’s poems are sprouts sprung from an ecstatic love affair with life, and the full breadth of experience that grows from walking the path of the mystic in the modern world.

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Girls Against God

Editors Bianca Casady and Anne Sherwood Pundyk

" In collaboration with cross-disciplinary artist Bianca Casady of music duo CocoRosie, 2013 brought the release of a new print magazine entitled Girls Against God (GAG). A boldly feminist exploration and multi-generational endeavor, GAG deploys the arts to illuminate the oppressive, obsolete nature of traditional, male-defined religions and other patriarchal institutions—“We must resist and reinvent,” Casady declares.

Created in partnership with artist Anne Sherwood Pundyk, GAG’s now out-of-print debut issue is a lushly colorful tabloid-sized print publication, showcasing provocative, original artwork alongside comprehensive interviews and essays with an international cadre of artists.

The second issue of GAG—a pocket book of practical magic—investigates and celebrates spiritual healing, instinctually tying together the earth and women’s bodies. Through essays, fiction, poetry, interviews and spells GAG Issue 2 delves into the roots of occult earth wisdom passed through generations of women against persecution and patriarchy.  Texts are accompanied by rich black and white images ranging from pen and ink illustrations to enigmatic photography. The issue gathers around a collaborative photographic exploration between Casady and performance artist Melanie Bonajo entitled “Witchunt,” and also includes interviews with notable artists Carollee Schneemann and Suzanne Lacy" 


Issue #1—Antony / Gabby Bess / Melanie Bonajo / Vaginal Davis Yasmine Hadan / Emely Neu / Kembra Pfahler / Marguerite Stern / Alexyss K. Tylor / Johanna Constantine / Mary Hanlon / Julie Higonnet / Molly O’Brien / Chloe Olewitz / Alice O’Malley / Kara L. Rooney 

Issue #2—Melanie Bonajo / Eve Bradford / Trinie Dalton / Karolina Daria Flora / Mary Hanlon / Julie Higonnet / J.ZarA / Emely Neu / Kara L. Rooney / Jean Marc Ruellan / Minka Sicklinger / 

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