For the past 2 years now, a group of musicians, farmers, filmmakers, writers and photographers have set off on the Sea to Seed Tour, a month long sailing trip up through the Gulf Islands of the Salish Sea in British Columbia. They are on an experimental mission to collect and share the stories of the farming communities sown along the coast. While exploring the importance of localizing food systems, homesteading, organic farming, community building and permaculture they are also engaging the role that art and culture can play in supporting these ways, evolving educational forums and creating positive change. 

Along with telling these stories through their various art forms, they have been hosting music concerts and farm to table feasts as a means of creating connections within and between the communities on the islands we visit and an expansive network of potential allies. Among the musicians and artists featured on the tour are The Tailor (Vancouver), Lynx Demuth (Portland, OR), Hannah Epperson (all over the damn place), UpFolk, Buckman Coe and Eve Ladyapples. The tour’s lead producer and photo/videographer is Syd Woodward of Over Grow the System. 

Food, language and music carry the beating heart of culture, they hold the possibility of remembering, of realigning ourselves with the simple values of caring for ourselves, each other and the great wild world. We hope to inspire a collective story telling rooted in the fertile soil of generative celebration and cultivating a real way of living with integrity. 

By creating a sailboat tour fed primarily thru locally sourced food, the Sea to Seed Tour hopes to embody the very ideals we are promoting, creating models for the post-petroleum reality we are swiftly heading towards. The aim of this adventure is to inspire our local and global communities through the exploration of the art and culture of sustainable farming structures around the Islands; to explore the cohesion and synergy to be found in such structures and how they can inspire a greater shift in our current society.

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