Synergenesis 2005


Synergenesis was a completely unique event for its time, born of the fertile visionary culture of the SF bay area and northwest coast of the early 2000’s.

For 3 years, 2004-6, produced and curated by Eve, in collaboration with Stephen Trichter of Explore Spirit, the events included workshops and presentations with with leading cultural visionaries, a large scale group art show including installations commissioned especially for the event, ritual theater performance and culminating in a classic dance floor session.

Synergenesis lead the way in content-driven parties, intentionalizing the power of ecstatic group celebration and offering strategies and practices for taking that raw power and applying it to creating the world we dream of.


In 2005, the day began at Theater Artaud in SF, with presentations and interactive workshops with Alex and Allyson Grey on Visionary Art practicum , Daniel Pinchbeck on Entheogenic Culture, Erik Davis and Jennifer Dumpert on transformational practices, Jenny Pell on meta permaculture and Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann on Visionary art technique. There was then a puppet procession led by the Funginears to Cell Space, where the rest of the evening unfolded. There was a cultural visionaries panel with William Etundi (NYC), Naasko (BC), Isis Indriya (Seattle) and Stephen Trichter (SF). This was followed by a metamedia presentation from Crystal and Spore and then the dance floor, with Bluetech and Rodman and a Ritual Theater Performance created by Eve, Isis and Raven.

The group art show included work from 29 artists including Alex and Allyson Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Andrew Jones, Carey Thompson, Luke Brown, Paul Laffoley, Star Simone, Shrine and Xavi.