Wedding Celebrant Services



Eve has had the great honor of creating custom wedding ceremonies for many different couples, across a spectrum of beliefs and circumstances. Most of her clients have come to her because they are interested in creating a ceremony that reflects an earth-based spirituality that remains accessible and meaningful for all of their guests, from traditional Christians to confirmed Atheists. 

Working with each unique couple is one of Eve’s favorite ways to apply her long time practices of sacred eloquence, community ritual and integrative counseling. The process begins with a meeting to speak about why the marriage is happening, what the hopes for the ceremony itself are, and how to make sure all of that is woven into the wedding. 

 While the ritual itself is carefully mapped out, Eve does not write any thing that she speaks down ahead of time, but has cultivated an ability to speak with ease, grace and precision to the exact moment and circumstance. Many who have been present for these moments have expressed deep gratitude for being a part of such a moving and meaningful experience.



"When the thought of getting married first came to us,  We were in instant agreement that Eve would be the perfect person to preside over the ceremony.  Her authenticity and sincerity as a person shines in the role of celebrant. We were truly amazed and extremely grateful for the extent of support and guidance she offered us in the creation of our Wedding day, from helping us craft our vows to picking up a bouquet on the day.   Her poetic sensibilities were instrumental in informing the beauty and grace of the ceremony.  We could not have asked for a more perfect person to help us honor the love, joy and celebration of our union." 

~Anita Vernon 



"Eve holds a space of potential that allowed me to experience what I truly wanted and needed from our wedding ceremony. There was an open invite to delve deeper without any expectation. I felt free with her, and able to craft a ceremony that accurately reflected the true nature of my relationship with my now husband. To be able to hold depth and light with as much grace as Eve is a gift that made the creation of our wedding joyous, and richly fulfilling. Wayland and I walked away from the wedding feeling changed, united, and held in myriad ways. Getting to craft our ceremony with Eve, and be held by her through out the process is a gift I will carry all my days.                    ~Sierra Wilde

"From the very first email, to the end of the reception, Eve brought nothing but clear, grounded blessings to us. She was very helpful in the process of deciding what to include in our ceremony and asked the right questions/made suggestions when we were uncertain (which was a lot). Both our families and friends remarked on what a beautiful ceremony she led and also on her kind and loving presence. Her spiritual practice and involvement in literature and poetry shine through with every word, and every word is praise. We are so grateful our marriage was brought to life by Eve. "          ~Nicole Piper