Writing Services


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I am available for a wide variety of writing jobs, including websites, bios, press releases and promotional materials, album liner notes etc.
I am also open to developing concepts, plots, treatments and scripts for music videos, live shows and other live entertainment. 
I am very experienced in this area, including an MFA in Writing, and feel very capable of hearing what your vision is and translating that into language appropriate and accessible to your intended audience.


For those of you already engaged in the practice of writing, or just wanting to be, I am also available for editing and dedicated guidance. If you have a specific piece that you want to polish and prepare for publication, a nagging idea that you are not sure how to get started on or anything in between, I  am delighted to offer my services. This can be accomplished in person, via phone or email.

I am also available for consultation on creative project development, at whatever phase in the process you find yourself. Having seen so many different types of projects through so many different phases of development, I feel it is important to share that experience as much as possible. This includes event production on all scales, theater and performance, creating and facilitating workshops, group counseling, conflict resolution as well as setting and attaining personal goals and accountability.


Writing classes are offered periodically, primarily in Northern California. If you are interested in catalyzing, hosting or attending a class, please contact eve@ladyapples.com

In these experiential classes, we begin to develop a personal practice for utilizing language to translate our dreams, visions and intentions into form. We work with a variety of exercises for generating raw material from our experience and imagination as well as strategies for working with that material and shaping it into an offering that we feel confident in sharing with the world. Attention is especially given to utilizing all the senses and rich imagery to create dynamic and engaging writing.

Participants will have the opportunity to share their work with the class, but it is not required.

Depending on the needs and desires of those present, we will work with poetry, essay, lyrics, fiction and experimental forms.